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Come to join us for a tasteful experience of the experience, with a quality that will not disappoint

Index adventure is a place for all of you to embark on a purposeful journey, one where you connect with local communities, walk breathtaking trails and take with you a lasting impression of Nepal Himalaya. We also understand that needs may vary, which is why our itineraries can be tailored down to your preference with specialized individual and group packages so anyone can enjoy our service. Index Adventure is specialized in trekking, tour and operating all over Nepal in most of the tourism regions and beyond in Tibet and Bhutan.  Specifically, Index Adventure provides distinctive tourism services and it includes trekking and hiking, tour, Heli tour, jungle safari, adventure activities (rafting, paragliding), mountain flight and mountain biking and more. 

With a mission to be the best, we do not compromise on the quality of our services. Our main priority is what you gain out of your experience which is why we have resorted to making our packages accessible and budget friendly. No one should be denied the experience of good travel and hospitality and given our service packages which include ranges from luxury tours to daily tours the options are endless. We are also affiliated with Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and our legal evidence are on display at our office which speaks about the reliability of Index Adventure as a company.

We believe that good service if possible needs to cover and extend too many places because of which we venture into the borders of Tibet and Bhutan as well. These are equally exquisite with unique architecture and culture to amaze you.  During the planning phase, we make sure to go that extra mile to allow you a comfortable travel, helping your holidays morph into an unforgettable experience. We make sure our clients are treated like family, and your ventures are monitored even when we send you on journeys across our borders to Tibet and Bhutan.

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